Technical Steering Committee Charter

Guiding Principle

The initiative will operate transparently, openly, collaboratively, and ethically. Proposals, timelines, and status of the specification must not only be open but easily accessible by non-members. The Technical Steering Committee (“TSC”) shall ensure that all technical decisions are made in an open and transparent fashion, and that all communication will be fair, open, and consistent.

Governance and Operations

The TSC will establish the governance and operations process for

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • A simple majority voting system for
    • Election of key roles, including but not limited to Chair and Vice-Chair
    • Key decisions, including release dates and so forth
    • Ammendments and changes to the rules and charter
  • Regular meetings, including teleconferences and face to face meetings. An initial cadence of 2 weeks is suggested.

Establishment of the TSC

  • The TSC shall be formed from representatives designated by the Members and other invited individuals elected by the TSC
  • Each Member may designate a TSC member.
  • The TSC will elect a Chair and Vice Chair
  • The TSC will be under the leadership of the TSC Chair
  • The TSC Vice-Chair shall lead the TSC when the TSC Chair is unable to do so and will serve as an advisor to the TSC Chair on the direction of running the TSC
  • The term for TSC Members, including the Chair is one year. There are no term limits for TSC members.

Responsibilities of the TSC

The TSC is responsible for all aspects of the governance of This includes, but is not restricted to defining the release schedule, technical best practices, mediating technical conflicts between Committers, Contributors and Community leads, and organizing inter-project collaboration. The TSC will also serve as’s liaisons with other consortia and groups.

Roles and responsibilities


The Chair will steer discussions on the evolution of the Devicetree Specification, which will include consideration of the following criteria:

  • A clearly articulated Specification
  • Ample and diverse Contributors and Committers to assure vitality of the Devicetree Specification
  • Stability (e.g. use of an appropriate source-code control system)
  • Predictability of Releases


Vice-Chair shall lead the TSC when the TSC Chair is unable to do so and will serve as an advisor to the TSC Chair on the direction of running the TSC


The maintainer shall review and merge patches at
Create timely releases of the Specification as agreed by the TSC

Technical Writer

The technical writer shall ensure the Specification is clearly articulated.


The Administrator role is not a dedicated role and could be fulfilled by anyone. They will ensure that all technical decisions and action items in meetings are recorded and followed up on.


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