Where can I find the latest version of the Devicetree Specification?

You can always find the latest released, as well as all older releases, in our GitHub repository:

Devicetree Specification release repository

How often is a new specification released?

We’re planning to make a v1.0 release once we have enough contributions to make a major release.


Do I need to be a member to comment and send patches for the Spec?

No. Changes to the spec are proposed and discussed on a public mailing list and the source document is hosted in the Devicetree Specification project on GitHub.

You can find details about the mailing list and submission process in the Readme file.

What will membership give me?

Membership gives you a seat on the devicetree.org Technical Steering Committee (TSC). The TSC is responsible for handling governance issues, managing the technical goals, release schedule, and helping to define vision for future versions of the spec.

How is Linaro and devicetree.org connected?

Linaro kick started this process and is hosting devicetree.org under its organisation. devicetree.org membership fees are associated with devicetree.org only and not with Linaro membership. The membership proceeds go towards the defraying of Linaro’s costs for hosting devicetree.org.

If you have useful FAQs you would like to see here, please contact us through the mailing list