Mission of devicetree.org

To reduce fragmentation, improve maintainability and increase multi-platform support in hardware description, by building on the existing standard for device tree which reflects the current best practices and technology. This standard will be supported by an open process that encourages wide community participation and industry support.

Guiding Principle

The initiative will operate transparently, openly and collaboratively. The proposals, timelines, and status of the Specification must not merely be open, but also easily visible to non- Members.


devicetree.org uses an open governance model that is led by a community of developers who will form a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) based on expertise and value of contribution. All members will have an equal vote on core decisions ensuring quality among all participants and industry-wide consolidation.


devicetree.org gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the specification. To do this head off to collaborate.


Membership in devicetree.org is open to any interested company or individual and provides you the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the Technical Steering Committee
  • Preview draft revisions of the device tree specification releases

Joining Fees

Corporate membership: $2500 annual membership
Individuals by invitation only