About This Page

This page contains travel information for the January 13 - 14, 1997 Salt Lake City Open Firmware Working Group meeting.

Our Host

Our host for this meeting is David Kahn, dmk@Eng.Sun.Com, Voice: (415) 786-6203 .

Our meeting space, continental breakfast, morning and afternoon coffee break and refreshments will be provided by Sun Microsystems.

Hotel Information

Our meeting in Salt Lake City, UT will be held at the Salt Lake City Marriott hotel.

Hotel Reservations and Rates

Our group arrangements with the hotel assume that we'll have a certain number of attendees staying at the hotel and booking the prearranged Open Firmware Working Group rate of $139 per night. This group rate is lower than the corporate rate.

The group rate is available for check-in on Saturday, 11 January 1997 through check-out on Wednesday, 15 January 1997. We'll meet as a group on Monday and Tuesday, January 13 - 14. You can book any subset of the available time at the group rate.

Please be sure to have your travel department make your reservations directly with the hotel in order to get the Open Firmware Working Group prearranged group rate

Note: All reservations at the group rate must be made directly with the hotel before 20 December 1996.

Directions to the SLC Marriott

The SLC Marriott is located on South West Temple, right in downtown Salt Lake City, near the main temple, across the street from the Ice Palace.

The hotel is no more than 20 minutes from the airport. Many restaurants are available within walking distance of the hotel, and public transportation is available to many area ski resorts, so a rental car isn't necessary.

More detailed information will be provided at a later date.